We are recycling specialists for retail point of sale hardware and equipment

Secure Recycling

  • Arranged collection and disposal.
  • Ultimate hassle free option.
  • Simply book online/over the phone and we take care of everything else.
  • Itemised certificate of disposal.
  • 100% Data removal.
  • 100% recycling on all hardware.
  • 100% WEEE Compliant.
To book one of the above options, click below Book Epos Recycling

Asset Recovery

  • Collection, testing and purchase of any retail related hardware.
  • All fees are deducted from the offer price.
  • 100% Data removal.
  • 100% recycling for end of life items.
  • Itemised certificate of disposal.
  • Many liquidators use this service as it offers a quick asset recovery management system.

Brokerage Services

  • We can broker your goods to end users for a fixed fee per item.
  • We collect, test and store your items ready for sale.
  • Multi channel onward sales tactics means higher return per item.
  • All fees are recovered from goods sold so no outlay required.
  • 100% Data removal.
  • 100% recycling for end of life items.

EPOS Clearance - Your EPOS Specialist

Why choose EPOS Clearance to recycle your used hardware?

We Reuse or Recycle

EPOS clearance provide specialist recycling solutions to the industry and are committed to providing a professional service while retaining ethical standards at every step of the process. EPOS clearance is a green and ethical company and we care about our environment reusing your hardware wherever possible. Reusing is the ultimate green option.

By providing a complete managed solution we can guarantee best practice is applied throughout the complete recycling process from start to finish.
We allocate each individual item very specific recycling methods designed to get the very best results everytime without applying bulk rules or outsourcing services.

Our specialist engineers will test and attempt to repair your used EPOS systems – if anyone can get them working again, we can. If your hardware can’t be reused then we will strip the items down to the raw materials and recycle them. Metals go to our reputable scrap-metal dealer, and plastics are recycled. None of your e-waste goes to landfill.

We are EPOS specialists

Our highly experienced staff call on 30 years of practical experience dealing with EPoS Systems and hardware to achieve 100% compliance for our clients, our customers, and our environment.

We deal solely with EPOS hardware and software every day, so we know EPOS equipment inside out. We know how to thoroughly test your used EPOS systems, touch screens, receipt printers, bar code printers, and all related items. We can even write programs on site to make absolutely sure any item is working properly.

EPOS Clearance are Progressive

You will be able demonstrate full WEEE accountability for any item at the touch of a button.

What Options are there for Recycling?

We have three options when it comes to recycling your EPOS equipment. To view each option please use the link below:


How Does It Work?

Complying with the WEEE Directive

When your business produces waste you have a range of responsibilities.

You have to comply with the requirements of the duty of care under the WEEE directive

Our EPOS specialists take the headache out of this for you.

We hold the Waste Electronics Carriers License and provide you with the paperwork you need to demonstrate full accountability with the WEEE directive.

Certified Hard Drive Wiping

In business EPOS security is vital – we understand you need to be sure your personal data is safe.

We follow set processes to make sure your personal information is safe and secure.

  • Our staff collect your used EPOS systems in unmarked, secure vehicles.
  • Your goods are transported directly to our secure warehouse.
  • We use an approved data destruction program to remove all data from your redundant hard drives.
  • We run a series of checks to make sure all of your data is permanently deleted.
  • If a hard drive is faulty we destroy it before we send it for recycling.